After moving through a variety of mediums, from ceramics to watercolors, Tanya ultimately landed on dyes on silk. Utilizing the French Serti Method, she takes inspiration from the warm sunlight of the West Coast, and the rich, earthy tones found in the natural beauty around us. 

Whether in the home or office, her work is designed to complement the space it's in, bringing warmth and instilling the viewer with a sense of calm. 

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About Tanya

Artist Statement: 

"For the love of color, for the delight in seeing it spread and form shapes that whisper of the mystery that is consciousness; awareness. For the love of the vast, eternal depth that I expand into when patience and one pointed focus is applied. This is why I paint.

Sable brushes dripping with liquid color; dyes, that soak into crisp, rustling, subtly iridescent silk are the tools I use to play and explore this field of mysteries where form and color have a language of their own.

That language reveals expressions that lie in subconscious shadow. Knowledge is fleeting; only experiencing with an innocent, open mind creates authentic journeys."